Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Featuring... Spitalfields Sellers

Hello All!

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged, I hope you enjoyed the latest interview with JimPix?!

So, with just over a couple of weeks til I sell my wares at the famous Old Spitalfields Market (9th June, put it in the diary!!) I thought I would feature some of the other sellers who will be joining me...

Ethically sourced and naturally handmade bath and body products

L'oved Essentials

Beautiful ceramic and wooden pieces inspired by her Turkish roots

Melisa Dora

Bright, fun and unique handmade accessories for the little ones

Loopy Birds Boutique

Bright and quirky illustrations available in prints, lifestle items and greeting cards

Stacie Swift Illustration

Stunning up-cycled vintage furniture and homeware

Simply natural, pure and hypo-allergenic skincare products

Individually handcrafted luxury candles

Lumiere De Londres

And of course, Water Lily Wishes will be there - we are launcing some new products at Fifi's Market, so I'm very excited about that - you can take a sneaky peak at them here where I've also added a 10% voucher for anyone buying cards or prints at the market on 9th June.

I will add more sellers as and when I hear about them! 

Until next time...

Amanda x

Another Fifi's Market - 2nd June

Good morning all,

Sorry it's been a while, have been away with work a lot, I hope you enjoyed the last interview with JimPix photography.

As you may recall, I will be selling at Fifi's Market in Old Spitalfields (!!) on the 9th June and I would love it if you could all pop by and see me, I will be launching new products and will shortly be posting a 10% voucher for the day! 

However, I also wanted to let you know of another Fifi Market that is being held at Spitalfields - this one is on the 2nd June.  What better way to start the Jubilee Weekend than with shopping for handmade goodies.  Of course, if you can only make one of the weekends, please come on the 9th June when I'll be there, haha!

Happy shopping and I will write again soon

Amanda x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Photography Challenge... Blue

Water Lily Wishes
Sunglasses Reflection - Amanda

Water Lily Wishes
Neon Zebra - H2B

Featuring... JimPix Photography

This is the second of my regular “Featuring…” posts where I will be interviewing a fellow creative sort who I’ve had direct experience with and think they are fab!  I’ll be finding out what they do, where they draw their inspiration, and because I love going on holiday – where their dream holiday would be! 

So without further ado, here is the highly talented JimPix Photography……

 Q.  Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Well I am James, a 24 year old lad from Coventry, born in Birmingham but moved here at an early age and have lived here ever since then. I am a fun loving and outgoing guy and always keep myself busy, whether it’s behind the camera or out and about enjoying motorsports, you will rarely find me standing still for long.

Q.  And how did JimPix Photography come about?

I have had a pretty scatty life and seem to have had a dabble in a lot of different industry’s trying to find my “niche” in life. I actually only stumbled across photography as a passion of mine a few years ago when I was enjoying my passion for cars. Of course if you are spending a fair chunk of your well-earned cash on something, you are going to want to showcase it. I borrowed my mum’s camera (only a standard one) and took a few pictures of my car and my mates cars at a car event over at the infamous Santa Pod Raceway. 

This really was the start of it, as everywhere I went I took the camera with me and I literately took pictures of anything and everything. I started to experiment with angles and lighting and perspectives and it really gave me a sense of achievement when I look at the final photo and it was perfect. My 21’st birthday was my main turning point as I was given my first professional camera. I was spoilt rotten!! This opened up many more new doors for me and I could really enhance my style and pictures. 

I have had a lot of help and support along the way and met many, many people sharing the same passion for photography as I do. The main driver for me originally was the feedback I got, but also the feeling of being able to give people their pictures and to give them a good feeling about themselves. When I invested in my studio equipment my photography took off to a new level once again and I was once again  able to expand my style and provide people with pictures that they really like. 

Currently I am working from various studios over the midlands and have a steadily growing Facebook site and newly opened website.

Q.  You have a great eye for photography, where or what do you get your inspiration from?

This is a question I am asked commonly, and to be honest there is no real direct answer for it. Inspiration really can come from anywhere and anyone, and sometimes in places you would never normally expect. A lot of the photos I take are based on client’s expectations and/or their requirements but then that’s where I like to add my own flair to the photos to make them my own. The key is to be spontaneous and shoot from the hip (sometimes literately) to get a different angle and/unique shot. 

I was once told that the photos I take should not only say something but show people something different. My favourite work is a little out the ordinary and not always the contemporary “photo shoot” you would expect. I try to speak with my clients beforehand and obtain some sort of direction where they wish the shoot to go, but plan ahead and throw ideas at them to see what we come up with. The key is to be open minded and e

Q.  If you had to name a favourite photo you’ve taken, which would it be?
JUST ONE??? This is going to be a hard one to choose as my favourites continuously change… I will have to give you at least two…

This is a promotional photo I did not so long ago for a company called ‘Kali Racing’ who wanted some photos of their show car. So I went along to see what we could get and it was sitting in perfect place in this wonderful setting, so with a bit of manoeuvring we got this perfect photo. With a little help from Photoshop to just finish the photo.

This next photo has more of a personal meaning to me as it is of my wonderful and very beautiful girlfriend Rebecca. She came along with me one afternoon to see what we could achieve at Kanvaz Studio in Wednesbury and this was just one of the many we got that day. (This is currently hanging in my house as a life size canvas print as well.)

 Q.  How can people get in contact with you?

Facebook –      ‘JimPix Photography’
Email –  
Mobile –          07545 222087
E-Mail - 
(Carrier Pigeon….. Good luck with that one)

Q.  Random question – what would be your dream holiday?
Ok, my dream holiday would be the typical white sandy beach, blue skies and clear blue waters…. Jamaica or similar for me. Yes it is such a cliché holiday but it really would be amazing to experience such a beautiful place. Two weeks please??

Q.  And last question, what does 2012 hold for JimPix Photography?

Well, 2012 appears to hold A LOT for me as I have already been offered some very big and important events to cover and also some very highly approved models wishing to work with me. This is such an achievement for me and really shows that hard work and practise actually does pay off! I aim to spread my wings even more and allow my creativity and style to be limitless. Over the next few months you will see even more changes and variety, as well as my photography team growing and expanding….. ”keep your eyes peeled folks”

Thank you JimPix Photography 
So there you go, that was the talented JimPix Photography, if you want to experience that glamorous feeling of having a photo shoot without a huge price tag, head over to his website or facebook page to book!

Take care and until next time….

Amanda x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Buy Handmade Gifts.... for Father's Day

So, with Father's Day being on Sunday 17th June this year, why not treat your Dad (or Grandad, Step Dad, etc!) to one of these lovely gifts.

Glass Fused Cufflinks by Caro Fusion - £10

Caro Fusion

Father's Day Medal by Little A Designs - £18.50

Little A Designs

Leather Glasses Case by Triboreleather - £14


Brown Leather Cartoon Silhouette Belt by Backbeat Leather - £35

Backbeat leather

Personalised Grid Reference Cufflinks by Alison Moore Designs - £60

Alison Moore Designs

Personalised Name Cushion by Berry Nice Cushions - £25

Berry Nice Cushions

Upcycled Typewriter Key Tie Pin by Zincwhite - £7.50

Zinc White

Dad Keyring by Jupiter Rocks - £14.99

Jupiter Rocks

 Shabby Chic Distressed Dad Hero Plaque by Kristi-Krafts - £4.49

Kristie Krafts

"Dad's Book" Paperclip Bookmark by Lauren's Ceramics - £7.95

Lauren's Ceramics

What a fantastic selection of ideas for Father's Day hey?!  Hope you find some inspiration from these and treat your Dad on the 17th June.

See you next time...

Amanda x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Keep Calm and Shop Handmade - Spitalfields

Hello everyone!

Just a quick one this evening but I thought I'd show off the flyer for the Fifi's Market event being held at Old Spitalfields on the 9th June.

Water Lily Wishes

In the next few weeks I will be showcasing the other sellers who will be joining me, so why not pop back here to see who else will be selling. 

Spitalfields Market is a great day out, a whole range of fantastic products and I am proud to be included in this event!

So why not come along and visit us (I will be posting a Spitalfields offer on here soon).

Until next time...

Amanda x