Monday, 4 June 2012

New products and 10% off at Fifi's Market

Hello you lovely lot! 

We have been beavering away producing lots of stock over the last month or so, and as part of this, we are launching some new card designs and new products at the upcoming Fifi's Market on the 9th June.  So here's a sneak preview:

Photography Prints

These are A4 prints mounted in white linen effect frames.  All photographs and editing have been done either by yours truly or H2B.

Water Lily Wishes

Photography Postcards

These are scenes of life in London printed as postcards ready to send off!  We will be expanding this to include our other prints, but in spirit of the Jubilee we decided to start with London

Water Lily Wishes

New Card Designs

Embracing my love of creating designs with heat embossing powder, here are the latest range of cards - princesses and fairies!

Water Lily Wishes

I've also recently learnt how to create vintage effect paper using inks, I really liked the effect and this inspired the latest range of cards.

Water Lily Wishes

And finally, as it's Father's Day soon I created some nautical themed cards (also shown is a Father's Day decoupage car)

Water Lily Wishes

And don't worry I haven't forgotten, as promised... Here is a 10% off voucher for all cards and prints bought at the market on the 9th.  So why not treat yourself (or someone else).  If you can't print the voucher then just mention this blog post to me on the day and where I've been on holiday (hint, the answer is below!) I'll give you the 10% off anyway!

Water Lily Wishes

I really hope to see some of you on the 9th June, I'm now off to go and pack for a few days in Madrid with H2B.

Until next time...

Amanda x


  1. Hello Amanda, thanks for your comment over at The Pea Pod. The etching drill I use is this one:

    It's really small and easy to use. If you have a go at etching put some pics on your blog and let me know. I'd love to see your work. It was funny because when I read your comment I was just taking a break from etching the glass in my front door (which I'll be blogging about as soon as it's done) Take care Lizzie xx

    1. That's great thank you, will have to go and buy one as have a few ideas in my head I want to try! Your front door etching sounds great, can't wait to see the results!

      Amanda xx