Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Featuring... The Polished Button

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've featured anyone and I am excited to introduce you to the fabulous Ruth from the Polished Button...

What bought you into the world of vintage sewing goodies?

I originally trained in theatre design at university, and from there went on to work as both a designer and costume maker. 20th Century fashion has always interested me, and I eventually ended up dealing in vintage clothing and started a masters degree in fashion. However, at the same time I had the opportunity to open a theatrical costume hire company, so I took the leap (the masters is still waiting to be finished!) I ran Costumia for a number of years, before moving into lecturing and taking on freelance work. After working for a vintage clothing company for the past year as the in-house seamstress, I rekindled my love for vintage clothing, and more specifically the nuts and bolts (or fabric and buttons!) of how they work, and this was how The Polished Button began! My dual love of costumes and vintage clothing is satisfied when I am surrounded by beautiful fabrics and haberdashery, topped off with a bit of sewing for my blog!

Which is your favourite vintage era?

For textiles and buttons, it has to be 1920’s – 1930’s - the prints are so pretty and unique, and the quality is always so good. I love finding a little Art Deco button, hand carved in glass or shell! For myself, I like to wear 40’s/50’s styles if I am dressing up, or a simpler 1960’s style in the day.

Some of the gorgeous products available from The Polished Button

So, we know that I love your fabric and buttons but how do you find all these great products?  

Aha, the magic question! I have always had a stash of vintage haberdashery - people always hand me bags of bits and pieces as they know I love it! But I suppose when I ran Costumia we had lots of donations which meant my collection grew and grew. Now I find things everywhere, and always have an eye on auctions, charity shops and antiques fairs, as well as scouring my wholesalers for new vintage style products.

I’d find it hard to part with some of those fabrics, do you do much sewing?

I love to sew, although it’s been on the back burner a bit recently as I have a young daughter so not much time! However, I do have a stash of fabrics which are just for me, and regularly raid the button collection if I am working on a project! I have a little pile of patterns on my desk just waiting to be turned into something lovely!

What does your typical working day look like?

Once I have been corralled out of bed by the toddler, I drink a gallon of coffee, get myself and her washed and dressed (my husband sorts himself out haha!) and drop her off at my Mum’s house. I then head to the post office to send any orders out (I parcel them up the night before) and either do a quick scour of the shops for vintage gems, or head back to check on emails. I try and fit in a bit of social media networking - twitter, facebook updates or reading and commenting on relevant blogs. I then photograph any new products ready for the website, and spend the afternoon editing and uploading these to the website. If I have time I will start or finish any projects I am working on, and get them onto the blog too. Before I know it is time to collect my daughter and get dinner on! I often work in the evenings too - anything from a bit of sewing, to sorting out one of the many boxes of buttons into sets to sell, to checking and ironing vintage patterns before they go on sale!

More of the gorgeous products available from The Polished Button

Random question… Where would your dream holiday be?

Oh gosh - somewhere with sunshine, good food, beautiful coast line and a good dollop of history! We spent part of our honeymoon in Dubrovnik and it's just stunning, so maybe an island hopping trip along the Croatian coast line.  In fact, can I go now?

And finally, what does 2013 hold for the Polished Button?

So many exciting things! The new website has launched, and hopefully by the time you read this we will have been featured in a few magazines too. I have so many amazing products just waiting to make it onto the website - my work room is stuffed to the gills! I have lots of projects to feature on the blog, as well as making connections with all the clever bloggers out there. I just hope people find The Polished Button as much of a treasure trove as I do - I am passionate about fashion, sewing and the past and want to find others to share it with!

Thank you Ruth, definitely go and check out the new website for fantastic sewing goodies, but you can also stay up to date by visiting her Facebook page or by following on Twitter

Until next time...

Amanda xx

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