Friday, 9 August 2013

A trip to Norfolk lavender

Evening all,

Wow it feels like it's been a busy and long week!  So much so  I didn't get change to blog about my trip to Norfolk Lavender at the weekend with my family.  In the lead up to the wedding hubby's family did a lot of touristy things in Norfolk, things I've never thought to do and I lived there!  I mentioned this to Mum and she suggested next time I was home we'd do something, cue the trip to Norfolk Lavender.

Given that I am surrounded by the city most of the week, it was great to be outdoors and get some genuine fresh air, and here are some pics from our afternoon out....

Beautiful butterflies all around

Gorgeous day calling for ice cream

Norfolk Lavender

  And finally on the way back we stopped by an actual lavender field so I could capture this... 

Lavender field

Can't wait to explore more of the Norfolk beauty (and hopefully other places in the UK!)

Until next time...

Amanda xx

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