Monday, 30 September 2013

Creating handmade gifts...... for men!

Hello all,

Welcome to the first DIY inspired gift guide....  This one is for those men folk in our lives!  I've scoured the web and pinterest for a variety of gift ideas and whilst I have not tried them and can't vouch for how easy the instructions are to follow, I know there are a  lot of crafty folk out there who can rise to the challenge and create fabulous handmade gifts. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a selection of the many tutorials out there.  Happy crafting!

by Brett & Kate McKay of the Art of Manliness blog

 Chef's Apron

by Martha Stewart

Suede Ipod Case

by Martha Stewart

Leather Journal

by MUFN inc blog

BBQ Hanging Towels

by The Silly Pearl blog

Golf Club Head Covers
by Positively Splendid

Grill Rubs

by Kojo Designs

Hand Printed Mouse Mat

guest post on the Design Sponge by Man Made DIY

Monogram Mugs

by Design Mom

Handmade Tie

by the Purl Bee

Comic Book Coasters

by Mod Podge Rocks

Boy's Wallet

by Noodle Head

Bicycle Brake Clock

by the Instructables

Car Kit

by Holidash

by Sew4Home

Well I hope that has given you some inspiration, I would love to see any creations you make, link to them in the comments.  And if you have any suggestions for the next DIY gift guide then please shout! 

Until next time...

Amanda xx

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