Friday, 10 August 2012

A bit quiet...

Sorry we've been a bit quiet of late, it's been busy busy busy with work and wedding planning!  I'll try and be better at keeping the blog updated, especially as I have new crafts up my sleeve and crafters to interview!

So, what have we been up to...... 


Well, the photography has been going well.....

We (H2B and I) have also photographed two stunning weddings this summer

We have also joined Flickr and will be adding our photographs onto there as we build our portfolio...

Escape to the Country

I had a lovely few days in the countryside with family, it's nice to escape the hustle and bustle of London...

And swapping it for this...

Water Lily Wishes
We've taken a break from craft fairs for the time being as things are pretty busy, so we're focusing on our online sales at the moment.  We still have our SUMMER SALE going on over on our Facebook Page.

We're also now selling our cards and photography prints on Folksy - so please stop by and have a look, the collection is small at the moment but is sure to grow.

In other news...

The wedding plans are going well, I've bought my dress and am soooo excited to wear it!! I had a lovely day with my Mum picking it, and the fact that we both misted up shows it is the right one! 

We have been beavering away making the save the dates and these will be winging their way to our guests very soon.  

Plans are moving forward with accommodation, transport and flowers nearly sorted and have started the search for dresses for my two beautiful bridesmaids.  

All in all, a happy bride to be!

Until next time (and I promise not to leave it so long)

Amanda x

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  1. PS - any suggestions for the next "Buy Handmade..." feature, am thinking Weddings, but the wedding season is drawing to a close, so what else could I do?

    All suggestions helpful! xx