Friday, 27 April 2012

Buy Handmade Gifts.... Just Because!

So, as some of you know I love the idea of either buying handmade presents or making presents for people.  It's my aim this year to do just that, buy or make as many handcrafted gifts as possible.  I've been looking into ideas and on my search I have come across some truly talented crafters (some of whom will be interviewed over the coming months)!  And whilst I am going to be doing a "buy homemade for Christmas" post in November, I just had to showcase some of the great crafts and products I have already found on facebook! 

This is just a small proportion of crafters, I'm thinking I may have to do a few more posts like this over the coming months as handmade presents shouldn't just be for Christmas!

Why not check out these products, I've linked to their facebook pages or websites so you can visit them to see more of their fabulous work......

Coffee Lover Clock by JewelOri - £15


"Apple for Teacher" thank you gift by Holly-blues and Quirky-birds - £5.49

Holly blues and quirky birds

Phone sleeve by Beautiful Bags by Bellus Pera - £10
Beautiful bags by Bellus Pera

Selection of Gourmet Marshmallows (Raspberry, Key Lime Pie and Triple Chocolate!) by Burgh Bakes - £3.25 (price varies depending on flavour)
Burgh Bakes

Basil and Blossom cushions by The Sherbert Patch - £12.95 (each)

The Sherbert Patch

 Well, I hoped you liked them as much as I do.  Will feature some more soon as I can't believe how much fantastic talent there is out there!!

If there are any types of gifts you'd like to see, e.g. for men, for the home then leave your suggestion in the comments and I'll try an put together a feature.

Until next time

Amanda x


  1. Those marshmallows look absolutely delicious and quite gourmet indeed! Key Lime sounds like it'd be my favourite!

  2. Natalie - I can definitely vouch for how yummy those marshmallows taste, especially the Key Lime and Rocky Road! x