Thursday, 19 April 2012

Spitalfields Market and Photography Challenges

Hello all!

So, exciting times ahead for Water Lily Wishes!  Having just been granted a place at Spitalfields Market (huge market in London town!) for the 9th June, I am both excited and nervous!  I've never sold at such a big event before and needless to say my weekends and evenings will be spent building up my stock ready for it.

Old Spitalfields Market - London (image courtesy of their website)

This event is being organised by Fifi's Contemporary Markets and I've sold at one of her fairs before (just off Birck Lane!) which was great fun.  So when this opportunity came up I knew I had to take the plunge and put my nerves aside, I mean, imagine the exposure it will give my cards!

Fifi's Christmas Market - Brick Lane
So.... Put it in your diary everyone! If you are in London on the 9th June then please stop by to say hello, I might even conjur up some kind of offer for all blog readers who come along and mention this post!

The other thing that's happening in the world of Water Lily Wishes is that I am going to start concentrating more on my photography.  I love taking photos and I feel like my camera has been a little neglected recently.  H2B (hubby to be!) is also considering getting an SLR so we will become a photography dynamic duo!!

So, the plan is to get out and about using our cameras more, the Digital Photography School set a weekly photography challenge and we're going to have a go at this and I'll post our pictures as and when we take part.  Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing our photos, here's a sneak peak at the first one (the assignment was "Urban Landscapes")

As you can see it was a very sunny day when that was taken, where did that go!?  It's now throwing it down with rain so I don't think I will be venturing outside anytime soon!

Well, that's all the chit chat from me for now.

Until next time...

Amanda x


  1. Hi,

    Lovely post, I especially like that 'urban landscape' photo. I hope you do really well at Spitalfields. I keep thinking to take the plunge and do a big fair, but not brave enough yet!


  2. Thank you :o)

    I'm really nervous but there are so few smaller fairs in London and the last Fifi one I did was really good I decided to be brave!

    Glad you like the post and the photo, there will be more to come, this week's challenge is trees!