Monday, 2 April 2012

Meet the Raving Robots Gang!

My latest range of cards was inspired by some robot paper I bought for H2B’s (husband to be!!) birthday presents earlier in the year.  I wanted to create a range of cards that had character and so the Raving Robots were born. 

With the help from my facebook page’s fans we came up with these 4 characters

Clink - fun loving and loves to play pranks on her fellow robots!!

Coil - highly intelligent, he is the brains behind their operations!

Sprocket - loves to break out the dance moves, whether there is music playing or not!

And last but by no means least.....
Widget - a high flyer who is constantly on the look out for exciting new adventures they can go on.

These cards can be bought from my online store - and I'll also be expanding the range to include new characters and maybe even some matching gift wrap! 

Until next time....

Amanda x


  1. Great names for great robots! :-)

  2. I love them! I'm guessing from the feel of the card that has just arrived in the post for my boyfriend from you that one of these raving robots may be on it!! I've had a right good feel, haha! xx

  3. Thanks ladies!

    JewelOri - you would be wrong! He has a card far more fitting to Joe!!

    Feel free to spread the robot love :o) xx